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Vol 2., No. 1 | March, 2011

Big Data realized: Big Insights

By: Chris "Spence" Spencer

In the May edition of jStart's Flash we discussed the impact of Big Data on operations, IT, business value and opportunity. The bottom line: Big Data can be leveraged to create smarter businesses. In this edition of jStart's Flash, we'll look at further examples of Big Data as we've been exploring how businesses and organizations can leverage the Big Data opportunity to create Big Insights--something IBM has been involved with heavily (and which jStart has been spearheading with our early engagements). Learn what we've learned and how you might take this opportunity to dive into your data to come up with the Big Insights--leading to big opportunities for your business.

What We've Been Seeing

As we continue to work with clients, we've identified a number of scenarios which illustrate how Big Data might lead to Big Insights--and how Big Insights actually goes beyond Big Data and into sophisticated analytics to parse the voluminous amounts of data companies are facing today:

Smarter Public Safety

Enhancing Law Enforcement

What opportunities does Big Data (and text analytics) provide law enforcement? See how one scenario lays out a possible use case for law enforcement.
Read the scenario (145KB PDF)

Smarter Energy

Green Energy and Big Data

How could a large international organization leverage Big Data to find renewable energy partners and advocates?
Read the scenario (404KB PDF)

Smarter Retail

Making Retail More Responsive

Smart retailers have been using analytics to understand their customers for a while. What new opportunities does Big Data have to offer retail?
Read the scenario (125KB PDF)

jStart Launches Site to Help You Get Started With Big Data

Wondering how to get started with Big Data? jStart has compiled information to get you started--if you're new to Big Data, or you're a Big Data vet, we have a one stop shop to get you started. | Sound interesting? Take a look at the site.

Beyond Big Data: Big Insights

IBM's New Intelligence intiativeIt's not just about Big Data--in some ways, that's the easy part: gathering disparate data from numerous sources is a problem that's existed for IT for some time (although not at the scale that Big Data presents). Once you have the data, you need to do something intelligent with it--in effect, you have to analyze it. IBM has been developing analytics solutions for a while, and now it's leveraging that knowledge to provide sophisticated tools to do deep analysis which can scale to the data sets Big Data presents:


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