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Vol 2., No. 1 | March, 2011

Moving forward with Big Data

By: Chris "Spence" Spencer

What does 2011 hold in store for Big Data? It's a question that everyone is asking as companies look for ways to employ Big Data solutions for competitive advantage, opportunity identification, and risk management. This edition of jStart's Flash will focus on understanding what the future holds for Big Data in 2011...

An InfoWorld Interview: IBM's Mr. Big Data

Recently Rod Smith, VP of Emerging Technology for IBM, sat down with InfoWorld to discuss Big Data, how it emerged and evolved from a technical challenge to a business need driving business decisions.

We asked them, "Do you make your data easily available for the lines of business?" It was like 12 percent. So the poor guy at the top of the business who says, "I should be able to use BI to get good answers," doesn't realize the IT department is not really helping them.

-Rod Smith
VP Emerging Technology, IBM

Rod goes on to discuss everything from how Big Data relates to Business Intelligence, challenges companies confront when attempting to leverage Big Data, IBM solutions, including how Big Data fits with recent IBM acquisitions, and how Big Data was integral to IBM's Watson project--the super computer that recently won Jeopardy. Read the article


Big Data and Watson

IBM's WatsonHow did IBM's Watson supercomputer leverage Big Data to compete on Jeopardy? Read More

Engaging the Voice of the Customer

Video: Integrating social media into businessHow could you use IBM Big Data tooling for social analytics?

Big Data & IP Opportunities

Smarter EducationiNC State University used Big Data to identify IP opportunities for its research assets.

Interested in learning more? Contact us and we'll be happy to have a discussion with you about our Big Data experiences--and how that experience can be leveraged by your particular Big Data needs.


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