Amey Kamat

Amey Kamat

Technical Co-Op/Intern

As part of our series of interviews with jStart interns, we sat down with Amey Kamat, who came to us from Northeastern University, and who was with jStart from January 2013 - August 2013. Amey worked on a number of cloud technologies, including IBM's next-generation cloud platform initiative, IBM Bluemix, as well as having participated in the IBM Hackathon Day by building a Wordpress plugin for Bluemix.

Amey Kamat: In his Own Words

Q: What was it about jStart that made you choose it for your internship?

A: I've always wanted to work on new technologies, emerging technologies. That’s why I chose jStart. During my initial interview, PaaS and the cloud were mentioned, and that was something that caught my attention.

Q: When you got the internship, did you have any goals in mind--things you wanted to get out of the internship?

A: My primary goal was to learn about and experience new technologies. Understanding what's relevant to the market, and what was looming on the horizon. I was actually expecting to concentrate on big data...but then I got to work on cloud technologies and PaaS, which I think was really cool. Another goal I had was to learn new programming languages...while interning with jStart, I had the opportunity to learn Ruby, Python, Java, and PHP. To me, it was cool that an intern would be given the opportunity to work with a variety of technologies and languages.

Q: So, it sounds like you were able to reach those goals...

A: Definitely. Before doing this internship, I was only acquainted with Java, C++, and basic PHP. During this internship, I had the opportunity to program in different languages. I actually achieved my goals of learning a couple of languages. I think Python is cool--and am actually taking a course on data mining, where Python will be useful. It's a case where what I've learned during the internship will directly help me in my coursework when I go back to Northeastern.

Q: So how did this internship challenge you?

A: The challenging part was to learn about new technologies continuously while dealing with tight time constraints. I also worked on the initial Bluemix demo...which was an opportunity to work with some researchers within IBM Emerging Technologies. The challenge there was to go from ideas and concepts to a fully working demo within a couple of weeks.

Q: So if you were going to narrow it down to the single thing about your internship that you're most proud of, what would it be?

A: While a lot of things come to mind, I'd have to say the thing I am most proud of is the fact that I am now well versed in the cloud platform. To me that was something that before starting this internship I didn’t know, and now I feel pretty confident in my abilities and expertise on the technical side, as well as a deep understanding of the architectural side.

Q: Any lessons learned from your internship?

A: The internship was a great learning an exercise. I had to initially spent a lot of time just setting things up...and I think I could potentially have been more productive if I could have just dived in. But, you know, setting things up, in and of itself, was pretty useful and informative.

Q: What's the game plan after graduation?

A: Working in an IT company (grins). I would definitely be interested in continuing my work in and with PaaS technologies...after all, that technology is still in its nacent stage--it’s just beginning, it’s evolving...and I like the idea of working on something that is in its early stages.

Q: Now that the internship is over, what do you think of jStart now?

A: You know, jStart is pretty cool. I had the chance get to work on emerging technologies, as opposed to traditional products. The best part of jStart is that if you have an idea, they give you the opportunity to go ahead and work on your idea, you just have to let your managers know...I don’t think you get opportunities like this elsewhere.

Q: So, would you do the internship again?

A: Oh yes. Yes, definitely.

Q: Any advice you'd leave for future interns?

A: If you have any doubts or questions, ask! All of the team members are very helpful, everyone is willing to help you. So just ask. If you get stuck, you can ping anyone on the team and they’ll help. If you have any ideas, let them know, and they’ll support you.

Amey's Bio

Amey will be graduating from Northeastern University.

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