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Maximizing data ROI through sophisticated data analysis

Today's analytics needs require a greater and greater degree of sophistication. Being able to understand sophisticated relationships between the data is key to extracting as maximum business value the data provides.

What can data analytics do for me?

The value of data analytics can be felt up and down the business value chain: from suppliers and supply chains, to internal operations, effective marketing and communications, and corporate strategy, data analytics is your key to gaining insight into market trends, customer sentiment, and business opportunities which may reside within your data. When tied to Big Data, data analytics offers an even greater value to businesses by providing a level of depth that only data analytics applied at a large scale can offer. Some examples:

  • Understand market trends by leveraging data analytics.
  • Leverage customer/market feedback to understand key market needs/drivers for adoption of new offerings/products.
  • Identify means to reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies.
  • Discover new market opportunities.

These proven data analytics are only enhanced when combined with advanced data analytic tooling (see below), and the opportunity Big Data provides for more comprehensive and complete data sets.

" analytics is your key to gaining insight into market trends, customer sentiment, and business opportunities which may reside within your data."

Understand how data analytics can provide immediate business value

The jStart team has been working with a number of customers and clients to build data analytics solutions. Whether your business needs a Big Data solution, or deep data analytics, jStart has the expertise to help you map out your strategy, build a solution, and deploy that solution. Contact Us today.

getting started...

Briefing. This briefing will explain and explore the opportunities data analytics provides companies, and what options are available. Schedule a Briefing.

QuickStart Prototype. Provides an advanced data analytics solution to meet the unique needs of your business. The options is best suited for customers who are ready to start a small pilot project. Schedule a Pilot.

Advanced Solutions. If you know what your specific data analytics needs are, jStart can dive right in to helping you design, build, and deploy a comprehensive data analytics solution. Schedule a Workshop

What are the advanced data analytic options?

To help businesses get started with data analytics, IBM offers a suite of technologies that addresses the data analytics space. jStart has worked with clients to design, implement, and deploy data analytics solutions leveraging the following technologies:

  • Do It Yourself Analytics: Understand what your analytics needs are? jStart has tooling to empower your line-of-business professionals the capability to do analytics on their terms.
  • IBM Content Analytics: IBM Content Analytics software enables companies to discover, refine, visualize and deliver new business insights through the analysis of unstructured content.
  • SPSS: A premier predictive analytics solution, SPSS offers a comprehensive data analytics suite dedicated to helping you understand what patterns, correlations, and relationships within your data.
  • IBM LanguageWare™: An advanced linguistic platform, LanguageWare can help your understand the context of your data using natural language processing.
  • InfoSphere Classification Module: Automate the organization/categorization of your unstructured data by analyzing the data available to your organization.