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graduated technologies

technologies that jStart is no longer actively working on

Do-It-Yourself Analytics: explore, harvest, visualize, and collaborate

What is a barrier to making data analytics more accessible? The fact that to do serious analysis, most systems require you to have a skill set that includes indepth knowledge of statistical well as a background in statistics.

There is a better way. IBM's Emerging Technologies Team has been researching several internet trends pertaining to the area of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Analytics. We are interested in validating this technology in proof-of-concept engagements with organizations such as yours. If you have an idea where our research may help you in your endeavors, please contact us and we can discuss a validation project.

what is DIY analytics?

A term used to describe the emergence of a range of technologies and tools that enable knowledge workers to:

  • Explore and Harvest their own custom data by crawling, enriching, collecting and publishing web content.
  • Visualize and Remix content services by discovering, assembling, wiring and sharing new rich composite web applications.
  • Cooperate in the use of these web application as they meet, interact, discuss and make decisions

Why are DIY Analytics important?

It is all about empowering decision agility by providing knowledge workers with flexible data access to custom ad hoc domain specific searches in support of impromptu investigations. What do we mean by this? Consider some tangible examples:

  • Web applications that can increase the transparency in government by mining and analyzing massive amounts of public information.
  • Enhanced diligence reports that augment regulatory submissions for financial crimes.

What are some of the motivating factors?

As Tom Coates of Yahoo describes it, the "Web of Data", has become an acceptable palette of data sources and content services for exploring, manipulating and connecting information. Since the costs to find, collect, and analyze data is decreasing significantly as the web expands and matures, users are eager and able to productively navigate and make sense of our information-rich internet. Today's search engines have demonstrated that their capabilities can be generally helpful to business users, but there is a growing demand for a personalized approach to impromptu searches.

learn more

jStart Beacon is cloud-based web application that enables line of business users to build, deploy, and run sophisticated data analytics applications. Learn More.

BigSheets: A tool that IBM's Emerging Internet Technologies group has created to allow line-of-business professionals to practice Do-It-Yourself Analytics. Learn More

What is on the horizon?

Business users are beginning to ask for the ability to directly manipulate, remix, and analyze massive amounts of data (unstructured, structured, internal, external). Those business users have a need to consume custom content in rich interactive content-centric web applications which can be used in meetings to enable ad hoc business insight using metaphors like spreadsheets with advanced web visualizations.

What are some of the Key Technology Enablers?

  • Mashup Technologies: Content centric web apps that can be assembled, deployed and shared to meet emergent business opportunities.
  • Syndication of Enterprise Widgets: Pushing the envelope of next generation applications delivered with web browser reach & economics.
  • Petabyte Age Computing: Enabling massive amounts of data to be slice and diced for business insights directly for the line of business professional.

What is in our IBM tool box?

To compliment IBM's Mashup Center offerings, we have several emerging technology projects underway and ready for your evaluation:

  • jStart Beacon is cloud-based web application that enables line of business users to build, deploy, and run sophisticated data analytics applications.
  • Big Sheets is a Cloud Computing application that enables users to collect, analyze and visualize custom content.
  • Blue Spruce is a reference implementation of the Cooperative Web.

While these project assets are not for sale at this juncture, we are working with customers to better understand the range of offerings and business models that best suit our clients. But first we seek to validate our assertions against real business scenarios. At this time I am willing (where a business scenario can be articulated) to do FREE proof-of-concept projects to help validate/invalidate our technology.