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What better way to prescribe than to describe? Conversational computing moves beyond the theoretical and IBM Emerging Technologies explores its implications.

By: Spence and Bernadette Abt

Conversational Computing and real time business transformation

As we continue the transition into an analytic driven world, businesses are understanding the value of data science and are implementing its possibilities into all avenues of their organizations. With this evolving trend, data scientists are discovering new techniques to better predict, measure, and learn from expanding amounts of data to further accommodate customer and business needs.

An information experience

Today we are seeing more and more devices become interactive. Much like the services on mobile phones, like Siri and Alexa, these applications listen, answer, and respond to our verbal commands. Our world is evolving into a continuous information experience where ambient and perceptual intelligence is becoming possible and the interaction model is immersive and experimental. So what if we could get our voices to be more than just a set of commands for our devices?

Enter Conversational Computing

Recently, in a demo presented at the Velocity Conference in New York, Emerging Technologies provided the first look at the newest direction in conversational computing. Built off six services of the more than 100 available on Bluemix, Emerging Technologies was able to present programming by example through a means of conversation to teach our devices new things. What a better way to prescribe is there than to describe.

Using speech as a way of interaction, devices can create reusable conversations from our verbal interchanges to combine, extract, and transform data. This cognitive computing provides the device the means to extract information and use it as input to discover insights adaptable to our personal and professional lives.

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