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graduated technologies

technologies that jStart is no longer actively working on

Blue Spruce:
A Cooperative Mobile Telepresence Platform


Project Blue Spruce is a mobile telepresence solution for online meetings. It combines high-quality audio and video communications with interactive web-content to mimic an in-person meeting as closely as possible. The goal is to create a "just like being there" sensory experience that communicates the full range of human interactions (sight, sound, and touch) in a live meeting.

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Benefits of Cooperative Mobile Telepresence:

  • Combines audio, video, and information with simultaneous interactions among workgroup attendees
  • Leverages commodity hardware and open standards based software
  • Extends the ubiquitous browser experience
  • Increase interactive participation in workgroups
  • Reduced business travel expenses and execute green economy initiatives
  • Improved online meeting productivity
  • Accelerate and amplify decision making process via interactive information sharing

Typical telepresence solutions range from isolated video-conferencing rooms to internet connected mobile devices that tightly integrate visual, audio and network technologies together to deliver an immersive, life-like communication experience. Most solutions leverage real-time video to provide all meeting participants with an experience in which everyone feels as if they are in a single physical location. Some solutions provide the additional feature of allowing remote participants to affect the meeting state of other remote participants. Project Blue Spruce senses the position, movements, actions, voice, and data interactions of each meeting participant and transmits them to all participants to mimic an in-person meeting.

By bringing together visual, audio, and interactive meeting data into a cohesive solution, Project Blue Spruce offers businesses another glimpse into how the platform of the web can be a productivity aid for small work groups or teamwork oriented activities. Project Blue Spruce leverages the OpenCoweb Framework to enable multiple application users to simultaneously interact with content in a web application while experiencing audio and video communications with remote meeting participants.

IBM Project Blue Spruce on the iPad2
IBM Project Blue Spruce on the iPad2


Our technology has gone through several iterations. Initially, our objective was focused on the ability to implement such a solution for desktop users leveraging the ubiquitous browser. Our solution consisted of a server and browser specific plug-ins. Today, our technology has evolved to embrace the challenges of the mobile marketplace by extending the soultion to embrace the pervasiviness of mobile devices. As such, we have migrated away from the browser-plugin architecture to native platform clients that all interact with a common server. As a disruptive Mobile Telepresence solution our techniology offers multi-party peer-to-peer video and the ability for each participant to independently record all aspects (audio, video, user interactions) of the browser based meeting. Basically, we have attempted to offer a potpourri of innovative collaboration technologies in a cohesive solution that works across mobile devices.


The decision making process is key to meeting dynamics. People meet, discuss, decide and act on information. Project Blue Spruce is a workgroup enablement technology that uses commodity hardware and collaborative web software enhanced with the integration of voice, video and data. Effectively, online meetings can now accelerate and amplify the decision making process by allowing a broader range of participants to conduct business anytime, anywhere at web-scale using mobile devices.


Project Blue Spruce was initially incubated as a research asset and then made available as a reference implementation for Cooperative Web technology. It has now matured into a service offering for collaborative workgroup scenarios, specifically but not limited to, Distance Learning and TeleHealth/Telemedicine. It can be procurred via IBM Solution Services as a commercialized asset. Are you ready to get started? jStart is. Contact us today.