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Understanding IBM Bluemix

By: Spence

The cloud is evolving. A new wave of cloud computing is being driven by tech-savvy LoBs, focused on quick business impact and continuous business value. Join us as we examine emerging cloud workloads, cloud value propositions, and dynamic service composition--and soon, an opportunity to try our nextgen cloud platform.

Bluemix scenarios

Retail & the Cloud
How retailers can leverage the cloud to create immediate value.

The Cloud & first responders
Leveraging the cloud to respond to emergencies.

The future of event ticketing
Understand how the cloud could disrupt event ticketing.

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  • Bluemix Briefing: Provides you and your team with an in-depth understanding of IBM’s new initiative. Contact Us
  • Bluemix Scenario Definition Workshop: jStart architects and developers work with your team to identify a candidate application for developing/deploying as a proof of concept with Bluemix. Contact Us
  • Bluemix Engagement: Over an ~8-10 week period, collaborate with jStart to develop a proof of concept on 'still-in-the-oven' assets & technology. Contact Us

Bluemix tech brief

Cloud Applications & Emergency Response
Learn how Bluemix and the cloud can aid first responders.