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Big Data: Big Business Opportunities

How can companies leverage the concepts of Big Data in order to identify business opportunities, mitigate risk, increase and enhance business operations and logistics, and optimize operational efficiencies? The answer: Big Data.

Why does Big Data matter to you?

Companies generate more information on a daily basis than they are even likely aware of. Whether this is captured in system log information, web traffic and usage pattern information, or security audits, information within the enterprise already exists. But to date, obtaining this information, combining it with information from other sources (including external data sources), and then performing data analytics on the aggregate whole has been a daunting, if not impossible task. IBM has been working on providing solutions to help companies tackle this challenge (see IBM's Big Data website) as part of it's Smarter Planet initiative: afterall, the only way you can have a smarter planet is to be smarter in how you handle (and process) your data.

Leverage jStart's Experience

As part of those efforts, jStart™ has been heavily involved in exploring Big Data, working with customers and clients in deploying these new systems and technologies to solve existing and live challenges those clients face. How can a customer identify business opportunities hidden within its data? jStart has built such a solution. How can a company identify potential partners based on understanding what companies are investing in--and the IP the companies own? jStart created a prototype to address that very challenge. How can organizations identify sentiment and map that to company activities? jStart has explored those possibilities. In short, jStart has been engaged in creating real solutions to solve business big data challenges--and the team is able and willing to share those experiences with you.