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jStart® Beacon: D.I.Y. Data Analytics

jStart creates a cloud-based tool to allow line-of-business users to rapidly, design, build, and run sophisticated data analytics applications using a drag-and-drop web interface.

Introducing jStart® Beacon

How can line of business users rapidly build data analytics applications to consume, parse, and analyze the massive amounts of data being generated by social media, their own applications, internal databases, and/or external sources? jStart set out to tackle that very problem, after seeing these very issues surface with a number of its clients. The result: jStart® Beacon, a visual web-based development environment to create data analytics applications.

Key Design Requirements for Beacon

  • Create common components to encourage re-use and to help LOB users to rapidly create applications
  • Easily connect to disparate data sources, allowing users to pull data from numerous sources including social media, internal databases, even flat files
  • Allow the user to switch out components and rapidly re-run the application to encourage an iterative exploration process to aid in analysis
  • Build an application that has a web interface--allowing users to easily build, modify, or run applications from any platform
  • Leverage cloud resources effectively and efficiently, without needing to know how to deploy applications into the environment, or have any cloud specific technical skills
  • Aim for a "build and run within five minutes" goal: the system should be intuitive and easy enough to use that users with minimal instruction can build apps within a very short amount of time

How might companies use Beacon?

Based on our work with clients, we can foresee some potential uses cases for Beacon, including:

Demo'ing Beacon

The Cloud Operating Environment

Beacon represents jStart's first technology offering in conjunction with the team's Cloud Operating Environment initiative. As part of that initiative, the technology runs in a cloud environment, and illustrates how clients can take advantage of IBM's cloud technologies.

How you can get started

As an On the Horizon technology, jStart is commited to exploring how Beacon might be leveraged in a number of industries to solve critical, unique challenges. If you are interested in seeing how Beacon might be leveraged by your organization, jStart has put together a list of options:

getting started...

Technology Demonstration. Interested in seeing Beacon run? Let jStart show you Beacon, illustrate its capabilities, and discuss how Beacon might be relevant to your particular needs. Schedule a Demo

Briefing. This briefing includes presentations, roundtable discussions, off the shelf demonstrations and high level architectural white board sessions exploring the challenges the customer faces and how text analytics can address these issues. Schedule a Briefing.

QuickStart Pilot. Provides an advanced text analytics solution for rich text-level analysis, parsing, rules development, contextual analysis, semantic analysis, and disambiguation. The options is best suited for customers who are ready to start a small pilot project. Schedule a Pilot.

Big Data and Analytics

Key Insights

  • Beacon allows line of business users quickly create data analytics apps
  • As part of the Cloud Operating Environment initiative, Beacon is the first tangible example of what clients can expect from that technology.
  • As a web-based application, applications can be built from any where using any web-accessible device.

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