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graduated technologies

technologies that jStart is no longer actively working on

A Device Independent Mobile Platform

Mobile devices are presenting new challenges--and opportunities--to companies looking to address the mobile market. Most pressing of these challenges were: how could clients maximize the chance that their investment into a mobile solution would give them the return they needed? The answer: mitigate the risks of entering the mobile app space by lowering development costs, leveraging existing assets, and providing a consistent user experience for their customers and clients. jStart has developed such a solution, called the Agile Services Assembly Platform, or ASAP for short.

What could ASAP do for a business's mobile efforts?

  • allowed for rapid development of mobile applications
  • created device independent mobile apps--build it once, deploy it on all mobile devices
  • leveraged existing infrastructure (data sources/feeds, cloud resources) for mobile apps
  • provided a single, consistent, user interface for customers/clients
  • data could be easily linked together by ASAP, allowing mobile apps to consume or push data to other services within the enterprise
A jStart Graduated Technology

ASAP: Building Better Apps

Although ASAP was initially designed to aid in mobile app development, it could be leveraged to deploy any web-based application, widget, or desktop app--and aided those apps in connecting diverse data services within an existing enterprise environment. In fact, powerusers could even easily construct their own mashup-style apps using nothing more than their mobile device to create "on the fly" or "just-in-time" applications.

How ASAP fit within the broader jStart effort

ASAP was designed as an enablement technology: by attaching other technologies, its capabilities could be extended easily. With MMMS, ASAP apps could be instrumented to acquire app interaction data for further analysis, provide a depth of analysis of data to allow text-analytics of the data acquired, and when combined with BigSheets, ASAP apps' data could be put into a broader context of data present on the web presence. In all, these technologies built upon the jStart team's vision of Big Data, and how businesses could leverage Big Data for tangible business value, today.

Key Insights