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jStart's unique mission within IBM is to leverage emerging technologies to address real and current business needs of our clients.

We do this by understanding the current landscape of emerging technologies and by keeping our eyes firmly on the technological horizon--and by listening to our clients, early adopters, and thought leaders to understand how those technologies and concepts can be utilized today.

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Our primary focus is matching the business needs of all industries to IBM emerging technologies, and to do so in a quick, timely manner, that nevertheless maxmimizes impact. The team has a highly successful history of doing just that, from the early days of Java, to today's rapidly changing world of the rising data tidal wave.

We speak the language of business in addition to software--exposing and refining the IBM Software Groups' Emerging Internet Technologies Research into real business potential. Our fundamental mission is technology validation through our clients and their businesses. The resulting emerging technology solutions often contribute to IBM branded products (former technologies jStart has worked with have found their way into products from Tivoli, Rational, Information Management, Websphere, and Lotus). For more information on how your company can successfully leverage emerging technology and create real business value, contact us.

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Our success is measured by our clients' success.

By engaging in an "open innovation" partnership with our clients, jStart helps IBM incubate and validate emerging internet technologies before they become widely adopted in numerous industries and markets. We work together with our clients to transform cutting-edge technologies into unique solutions that the market specifies. Our market-focused perspective creates mutual value for IBM and our clients--jump-starting innovation. Leveraging the resulting disruptive technologies creates new business opportunities along with new capabilities to meet our clients' current goals, making jStart more of a partner for our clients rather than a provider.

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