The evolution of IBM Emerging Technologies from Java champion

to Watson and next generation analytic solutions

Emerging Tech Timeline

The jStart team specializes in helping businesses get started with emerging technologies, not by solving theoretical problems, but by tackling real and challenging issues that companies face today. Today’s business environment is not easily navigated. There are cross-functional lines of business and silos of operation running across not-so traditional IT systems. There seems to be one commonality amongst the challenges—they all lead directly to information technology. How does enterprise cope with this constant wave of change—mobile apps, cloud, analytics, social business and more? The most agile organizations foster innovation and are able to transform their businesses from the inside-out. At the heart of the digital transformation is the weaving together of various technologies: applications and platforms secured by cost-effective and nimble processes. How does a culture of experimentation immerse?

jStart Process

jStart's combined industry perspective and experience can be leveraged to manage risk while stimulating web-based innovations using emerging technologies. It's knowledge of emerging growth markets and understanding of those markets can also aid in identifying opportunities. Such continuous innovation is required to create and sustain value. Without web-based innovations, you risk falling behind and losing market presence- especially during turbulent economic times. When you need a partner instead of another provider, an "open innovation" engagement utilizing jStart solutions and services helps your organization excel in industry.

Start Small, Grow Fast

Learn how the jStart Team can help your business get started using our "start small, grow fast" engagement process. Today's business challenges aren't just about huge amounts of information, rather it is leveraging the valuable insights and opportunities living within that data. jStart is a highly skilled team focused on providing fast, smart, and valuable business solutions leveraging the latest technologies. The team typically focuses on emerging technologies which have commercial potential within 12-18 months. This allows the team to keep ahead of the adoption curve, while being prepared for client engagements and partnerships. The team’s focus includes: predictive and prescriptive analytics, cognitive computing, cloud technologies, big data, social data and mobile platforms.

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