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Rapid fashion-forward transformation

The digitization of a traditional brick and mortar enterprise was architected and deployed utilizing IBM Bluemix (PaaS) and the Cloudant solution. A tablet-oriented sales ordering process, complete with virtual showrooms fully touch-enabled, catapulted Bernhardt Furnishings into being not only “fashion-forward, but also technology-leading”.

In search of solutions that ease the pain

MD Anderson, a leader in cancer treatment, had records from thousands of patients. Mining that data, in order to extract successful treatment patterns, would be nearly impossible without the use of intelligence analyzers leveraging Natural Language Processing. Researchers, scientists and practitioners are now able to view the cohorts of data for better treatment insights. jStart worked with MD Anderson on applications which now provide capabilities to change in the entire approach to disease. #bluemix #watson

Power Boats in the Internet of Things

Monitoring vital statistics of human participants and of the 70+ engine metrics all moving 140 miles per hour across an unpredictable surface may not sound like your business model. However, it's not difficult to draw a straight line between the needs of your Line of Business and the real-time data visualization analytic tools provisioned within weeks via platform-as-a-service solutions. The jStart Team helped Silverhook Racing up the ante.

silverhook racing

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Start Small, Grow Fast

Learn how the jStart team can help your business get started using our "start small, grow fast" engagement process. Today's business challenges aren't just about huge amounts of's about understanding the valuable insights and opportunities living within that data, and then executing in intelligent ways leveraging those insights. It's about, in essence, a smarter planet.

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