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Engagement Analytics

By: Spence

Systems of Engagement: it's a concept that has been emerging of more and more importance as social data analytics has matured. Part of the trend that we've noticed is that as the conversation around social analytics has evolved, the concept of engagement analytics has risen as a practical application of one of the main value proposition that systems of engagement offers.

Luckily, for jStart, the team has a long and successful relationship with one of IBM's thought leaders in social data, Marie Wallace. Marie and her team have been working on exploring the concept of engagement analytics, and has created a new tool, their Social Dashboard, as an example implemention of their notions.

jStart is pleased to announce a collaboration with Marie and her team to help clients leverage the value of engagement analytics, exploring using the Social Dashboard, along with jStart's deep expertise with cloud platforms, text analytics, and natural language processing. Sound interesting?

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