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Important Product Key Information for IBM® InfoSphere™ Guardium® Customers and Business Partners

What is this about?

This document provides important information about how to obtain product keys (also referred to as license keys) for IBM Guardium V7 and IBM InfoSphere Guardium V8 product offerings available in IBM’s fulfillment systems after August 3, 2010

Who is the Target Audience?
  • Direct Customers
  • Business Partners 

Why does this matter to you?
After August 3, 2010, customers and business partners will no longer acquire product keys (product keys) from Guardium systems.  Customers and business partners will now acquire product keys to activate the various IBM InfoSphere Guardium products and functions from IBM fulfillment systems. 
What is NOT changing?
  • Products are still delivered as software installed on a physical or virtual appliance. 
  • The appliances are preloaded with all the software.  Product keys installed on each appliance determines which functions will be enabled. 
  • Product keys are based on customers’ entitlement to their licensed set of features/functions. 
  • IBM Guardium V7 product key generation and distribution remains the same; each appliance is issued with a unique product key that defines the functions to be enabled based on the customer’s entitlements for that appliance. 

What is changing?
  • IBM Guardium InfoSphere V8 product keys are no longer tied to a specific appliance or a specific customer.  Each V8 offering provides entitlement for a specific function, and that function is unlocked with a V8 product key that is provided to customers upon purchase of the offering. 
  • The IBM InfoSphere Guardium V8 product keys are generic for each feature, meaning the same product key is placed in every Electronic Assembly (eAssembly) and physical media pack for that feature. 
  • Multiple V8 Product keys are preloaded on appliances when they were built and shipped to the customer.
  • The IBM InfoSphere Guardium V8 product key is provided as a separate download image in the eAssembly, and as a separate CD when physical media is ordered. 
  • If a customer misplaces a product key to a IBM InfoSphere Guardium V8 product for which they are entitled, they can replace it by downloading the generic, permanent key from Passport Advantage Online.

Refer to the chart below for a summary of product key attributes for IBM Guardium V7 and IBM InfoSphere Guardium V8.
Comparing IBM Guardium V7 and IBM InfoSphere Guardium V8 Product Key Implementation & Distribution
Function  IBM Guardium V7  IBM InfoSphere Guardium V8
Product Key Represents The full set of functions to be enabled and disabled on a specific appliance. Only one key is installed on each appliance that reflects all the entitlements of a customer for that specific appliance A specific product feature

Multiple Keys can be installed on a single appliance to reflect multiple functions to be enabled.
Product Keys on the appliance at the time of sale A unique product key is generated by the Rochester Customer Support Center (CSC) for each appliance and is installed on the appliance to enable the functions purchased by the customer.  A CD is also provided with the appliance that will contain the unique product key that was installed.

  • Multiple generic product keys are installed on the appliance by the Rochester CSC to enable the functions purchased by the customer.
  • Customers can obtain copies of their product keys electronically from Passport Advantage Online, or on CD by ordering a physical media pack.
Product key distribution to existing customers who purchase a new software only feature The Rochester CSC will generate new product keys, one for each of the customer’s appliances. Each key will enable all the functions (old and new) based on customer’s entitlements. The product keys are sent to the customer via email.

Customers obtain their product keys electronically from Passport Advantage Online, or on CD by ordering a physical media pack.     
Obtain Lost Keys Contact IBM Guardium Customer Services at Electronic download from Passport Advantage Online, or on a CD by ordering a physical media pack.


How to apply and view your product keys?

How to apply?

Product keys can be applied to the appliance through the command line interface (CLI) using the ‘store license’ command, or through the GUI from the AdminConsole --> System page (admin user).
Note: Product keys in a Central Management environment need only be installed on the Central Manager and will be applied to all managed units.
What happens when applying a new product key? 
For IBM Guardium Version 7.0, product key installation will replace the product keys currently installed. 
For IBM InfoSphere Guardium Version 8.0, product key installation will be appended to the product keys currently installed, enabling the specific function associated with that product key. For this reason, in Version 8.0 there is a new CLI commands, ‘license clear’, that cleans up the product keys currently installed and start over with a fresh product key installation
How to review the currently installed product key? 
In version 8, users can inspect the product keys and functions currently installed by using the CLI command “show license” command or through the “About” link in the ‘admin’ portal.
In version 7, the “show license” CLI command will display the key, but not the associated list of functions.
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