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Flexible Extended Support Options

IBM Software Premium Support 

Flexible Extended Support Options

for DB2 on Distributed Platforms and Informix



IBM Premium Support for DB2 LUW and IDS provides:
  • Flexibility – Buy now and get extended support when you need it
  • Specialized support – Teams with the skills, expertise and experience you need
  • A level of assistance beyond ‘break-fix’ support covered within the standard software and subscription support contract


Why IBM Software Premium Support?

  • Increased staff productivity
  • Decreased system downtime
  • Fewer system or application development issues
  • Improved implementation times and processes
  • Reduced overall support costs


IBM Software Premium Support

IBM Premium Support complements the standard IBM software subscription and support contract with an added level of support often needed by organizations with complex technical environments. Premium Support offers expert, comprehensive, and personalized software support and assistance to help improve the availability, efficiency and flexibility of your IBM environments.

Support for Your Specific Needs

DB2 LUW and IDS offers three types of ‘how-to’, ‘best practices’, and ‘heightened’ support options – one or more are right for your specific needs.

Option 1 - Developer Support

Advanced support to help development and administration teams.
  • Access to experts for the reviewing and coaching on your new or existing application projects
  • Review of data server environment configurations
  • Best practices on backup and recovery.
  • Integration of IBM’s portfolio of software with IBM’s DB2 LUW and IDS data servers.
  • Expert advice on configuration of data servers and clients.
  • Advice on addressing performance degradation
  • Other services as specified and agreed to by IBM

Option 2 - Upgrade and Install Support

Advanced support for upgrade and install teams
  • Assistance with DB2 LUW and IDS product upgrades
  • Advice before, during and after software installation, upgrade, or re-hosting
  • Review of upgrade project plan and recommendations by specialist
  • Other services as specified and agreed to by IBM


Option 3 – Heightened Support

Advanced support for covering during critical business times
  • On-Call named contact for improved time to expert
  • Access to experts familiar with your environment
  • Other services as specified and agreed to by IBM

A Flexible Approach for Extended Support

Premium Support for DB2 and Informix is available through the purchase of Block Hours. Block Hours allow you to pre-purchase hours - as few as 8 hours or as many as required - for your extended support needs (hours will be delivered on a time-and-materials basis, and expire after 12 months). Block Hours allow you to quickly engage resources to assist with most of your IBM DB2 and Informix technology-related extended support tasks and initiatives.

How Block Hours Works

  • Blocks of Hours are to be pre-paid; the invoice will be considered prepayment on account for future products and/or services
  • Services will be provided Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm local time, excluding national holidays and weekends, unless otherwise specified
  • As hours are delivered, they are deducted from the total number purchased
  • Hours expire 12 months after the Effective Date; unused hours are forfeited upon expiration

  • IBM reserves the right to subcontract services to technically qualified Consultants
  • Customer will be responsible for determining the work to be performed by the IBM resources during each engagement; IBM will work only on those tasks approved by the Customer

The items listed here are examples only; actual terms and conditions will be included in your DB2 LUW and IDS Premium Support Block Hours contract.

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