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Consultant Profiles

IBM Information Management Software Services consultants go beyond technology to consider business impact - we strive to understand our customers' ultimate business goals and use technology to gain a competitive advantage. By linking technological solutions and business success, Software Services consultants help drive customer innovation.

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Glenn McGeoch - Start the DB2 Trek (PDF, 647KB)
IBM DB2 for z/OS specialist and published Redbooks® author Glenn McGeoch has lived the world of DB2 for more than twenty years. Outside work Glenn’s sense of adventure draws him to challenging hikes at Yosemite National Park. Inside IBM he has a passion for customer relationships and enjoys guiding them as they take their business to the next level with DB2.

Lance Wasson - Dig into DB2 and Data Warehousing (PDF, 680KB)
With over fifteen years of Services-related experience, Lance Wasson has worked with dozens of clients on unique and challenging DB2 and Data Warehouse Services engagements. Lance strives to help each of his clients grow by being more productive and better able to use technology for business advantage.

Randy Ebersole, Certified IT Specialist - Ride the DB2 wave (PDF, 923KB)
Randy has worked with the DB2 Mainframe since 1986 in roles such as DBA, technical project manager, consultant, and technical specialist. Randy brought his DB2 expertise and real-world experience to IBM in 2000. In addition to this experience, Randy has been a technical speaker for over 20 years. He has given more than 600 seminars around the world and has been a technical presenter at the International DB2 User Group Conferences since 1989. Randy was also a speaker at the IBM Information On Demand Conference in 2007.

Ravi Athmakuri, Senior SAP Migrations Consultant - DB2 for SAP in Focus (PDF, 646KB)
As a Senior SAP Migrations Consultant with over a decade of dedicated SAP experience, Ravi Athmakuri is a foremost expert on SAP OS/DB to DB2 migrations. Ravi’s unique combination of skills has allowed him to support dozens of seamless migration projects from planning through to execution.

Stacy Brown, Senior IT Architect and Delivery Project Manager- Balance yourself with InfoSphere Warehouse (PDF, 683KB)
From an Application Developer and a Technical Lead to a Delivery Project Manager for InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse Implementation, Stacy Brown has both the technical know-how and the broad project management perspective required to get your organization running an InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse quickly and easily.

Larry Pay, Technical Lead, InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse Solution- Experience all that DB2 has to offer (PDF, 957KB)
With over twenty-five years of IT experience, Larry has established unique specialties in DB2 Database and DB2 Balance Warehouse technologies. A true DB2 guru who never stops learning, Larry has assisted hundreds of clients with migration and balanced warehouse projects.

Raj Singh, Data Management Solution Architect- Grow your business with DB2 (PDF, 811KB)
A Data Management Solution Architect and technical author with specialties in DB2 for LUW and DB2 for z/OS, Raj brings a wealth of experience to the Software Services team. His unique background allows him to see DB2 from every angle and anticipate client requirements and goals.

Gail West, Certified IT Specialist- Business Innovation (PDF, 598KB)
With a decade of Services experience, Gail West has charted the course to a unique understanding of all things DB2. From migrations to upgrades and performance tuning, Gail has directed countless successful DB2 projects.

Steve Graves, Migration Solutions Architect - Carve out your next migration project (PDF, 269KB)
With more than a decade of Services experience, Steve Graves has carved out a specialty in migrations to DB2 from competitive products. Steve has a deep understanding of the challenges unique migrations, and has expertly led dozens of customers through successful projects. Steve discusses how his clients have benefited from IBM Software Services when they made the move to DB2.

Dan Gibson, Software Specialist - Dive into Data Warehousing (PDF, 806KB)
With years of experience on countless customer projects, Dan Gibson is a Software Specialist with a deep understanding of Data Warehouses. Dan talks about the many ways that IBM Software Services can dive in to help you can gain strategic advantage during your next Data Warehousing project.

Edin Aganagic, Database Specialist - Gaining an edge on your next Data Warehousing Project (PDF, 1.03MB)
With more than two and a half decades of Services experience, Edin has carved out a unique specialty in Data Warehousing on SMP systems, MPP systems, and loosely-coupled systems-clusters. Edin discusses his approach to Data Warehousing and how IBM Software Services can assist you with your next warehousing project.