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What are data security and data privacy?

Data security and privacy deliver data protection across the enterprise. Data security and privacy aren't a nice-to-have. They are required by more than 50 international legal and industry mandates, as well as business leaders.

With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day, and with the average cost of security-related incidents in the era of big data estimated to be over USD40 million, now is the time to keep customer, business, personally identifiable information (PII) and other types of sensitive data safe against internal and external threats.

Data should be protected no matter where it resides—in databases, applications or reports across production and non-production environments.

Organizations struggle to:

How Data Security and Privacy Help Your Enterprise

Customer Spotlight


Data masking in healthcare

Large Healthcare Insurer uses IBM Optim to help support HIPAA compliance and improve application testing
Read the case study (127KB)


Data Privacy in Telecommunications

A leading international telecommunications organization needed a cost effective means to protect the privacy of its customer data and comply with regulatory requirements.
Read the case study (592KB)


Data Security and Compliance in Healthcare

Finding a cost effective means of implementing controls to protect sensitive data and validating compliance with multiple mandates.
Read the case study (580KB)

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