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When online shoppers press the “Buy now” button they are not thinking about the 1000s of others doing so… but the system managing their data is. Today’s users expect instantaneous response and 100 percent uptime from their data systems. At the same time, the volume, velocity and variety of new data is creating unprecedented information management challenges. For IT departments supporting these data-intensive workloads, meeting these expectations can be difficult. Deploying new systems, managing hardware and software upgrades, tuning for performance, managing backup and recovery processes and expanding databases as workloads grow, all require significant time, effort and expertise to accomplish—and all of them come with risk of system outages.

Research shows that many organizations can spend up to 66 percent of their IT budgets managing and maintaining existing infrastructure1, leaving little funding left for new projects. And when it comes to new projects, 23 percent deploy late and are over budget2. To successfully and sustainably use big data to create competitive advantages, organizations need a new approach to delivering data services.

Optimized for data-intensive workloads
The PureData System for Transactions contains factory-integrated and optimized server, storage, network and software resources selected specifically for online transactional processing (OLTP) workloads. The hardware and software is designed, integrated and tuned to support high-volume transactional processing applications with high scalability, high reliability and consistent response time with high throughput.

At its foundation, the system leverages years of IBM expertise in resource deployment, workload management, automation and optimization to create an efficient, automated system infrastructure that companies can implement and maintain with less effort and risk. In addition, data management best practices are embedded into the system, covering everything from data protection, data availability and disaster recovery to life cycle management, database monitoring, compression and database tuning for optimal performance, helping organizations to more easily deploy, run and manage high performance data services.

Why IBM PureData System for TransactionsWhy IBM PureData System for Transactions

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  • Your data system should be always on, fast and affordable

    Your data system should be always on, fast and affordable

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