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When it comes to running transactional workloads, database performance is a key factor in overall application and system performance. At the heart of the PureData System for Transactions is IBM's industry-leading DB2 technology. To see the results of the latest DB2 performance benchmark results, go here. This site provides an overview of some of the key performance capabilities designed into the PureData System for Transactions as well as the results of internally run IBM DB2 performance benchmarks.

The PureData Systems for Transactions is designed to simplify the entire system lifecycle, from acquisition to retirement. The system comes fully assembled and contains factory-integrated and optimized server, storage, network, and software resources selected and tuned specifically for the demands of transactional data processing. Having the system already built and pre-tuned for online transaction processing (OLTP) data workloads means much easier system deployment and faster time to value. A single management console is included allowing you to monitor, manage and maintain all of the system components as well as workload from a single console, greatly simplifying system administration. The system also includes a new capability that delivers data management know-how and expertise directly into the system. Called patterns of expertise, this innovative capability captures best practices into reusable, deployable packages. The system makes use of two platform patterns to accelerate the deployment of data services:

1) Topology patterns: These patterns are used to quickly and easily deploy database clusters, eliminating the time, effort and expertise required to build clustered database systems manually. These patterns offer flexible options to create different cluster topologies depending on the application needs.

2) Database patterns: These patterns are used to deploy DB2 databases in minutes. Different types of database patterns are supported. The default OLTP database pattern and client-built patterns can be used to enable quick, simple and consistent database deployment as well as provide a user-friendly, self-service environment for application development.

The use of database patterns enables simplified deployment of cluster infrastructure and production-ready databases in minutes, with minimal expertise required.

As the volume of business data continues to grow, it is critical to have data systems that can easily and cost-effectively scale to handle that growth. The PureData System for Transactions scales in multiple ways:

Scalability within the system - The system supports up to 30X scaling of cores and memory per database1, eliminating the need to over-provision resources while giving you the ability to scale when needed as workloads grow. The system can also handle more than 100 databases on a single system2, making it an excellent consolidation platform.

Scalability of the system itself - The system comes in three configurations - small, medium and large. The system is designed to expand from a small system to a medium system and a medium system to a large system with no planned system downtime. This gives you the ability to double the compute and storage capacity of your system in place in a non-disruptive way, giving you the flexibility to add capacity when needed to meet business demands.

The PureData System for Transactions supports existing DB2 applications with no change through open standard access. The system also has built-in database compatibility features allowing you to migrate Oracle Databases to the IBM PureData System with minimal application change required.Firmware and OS system updates are delivered in an integrated pack, that can be installed with no planned system downtime required4, reducing the time, risk and effort spent applying maintenance. The system also has Adaptive Compression built in to provide efficient storage of data. Clients have experienced cases of 10X storage space savings via Adaptive Compression.3

Delivering high-scale data services just got a lot easierDelivering high-scale data services just got a lot easier

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