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A simple, flexible and complete out-of-the-box solution

The PureData System for Operational Analytics is designed to provide very high throughput and concurrency. Each data module has more than 6 GB/sec of sustained I/O bandwidth, and as data modules are added, bandwidth increases proportionately. With the underlying strengths of IBM DB2 software, the PureData System is designed to handle 1000+ concurrent operational queries1.

The system is a complete, out-of-the-box solution for operational analytics that provides both the simplicity of an appliance and the flexibility of a custom solution.

Intuitive user interfaces support solution-level management of PureData System with service packs, automated patch maintenance and firmware updates. Installation services, one-call support and hardware and software maintenance are also available.

A modular, flexible system design allows organizations to acquire the PureData System at the correct size for their current needs and scale incrementally up to a Petabyte of data capacity2.

With in-database analytics, you run analytics on your data where it resides—in the warehouse. This eliminates the time, cost and risk associated with copying data out of the warehouse to analyze it. Using multidimensional cubing services, the PureData System delivers rapid insight into high volumes of fast-moving data. Users can create, edit, import, export and deploy cube models over the relational warehouse schema to analyze multiple business variables.

Using Adaptive Compression features, PureData System for Operational Analytics can automatically compress indexes and temporary tables to help reduce storage costs. Data row compression contributes to storage space savings and helps reduce I/O overhead—and the stored pages are also compressed, which further enhances the compression on disk. Clients have experienced cases of 10x storage space savings with Adaptive Compression3.

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Accelerate Big Data Analytics with PureData System for Operational Analytics

Accelerate Big Data Analytics with PureData System for Operational Analytics

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