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IBM PureData System for Hadoop

IBM® PureData™ System for Hadoop is the newest member of the IBM PureSystem family. It delivers a smarter way to reduce the complexity, accelerate time to value and improve IT economics. It is a purpose-built, standards-based, expert integrated system that architecturally integrates IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Hadoop-based software, server, and storage into a single, easy-to-manage system.

Built in expertiseBuilt in expertise

IBM PureData System for Hadoop is built to optimize Hadoop data services for big data analytics and online archive with appliance simplicity. It delivers enterprise Hadoop capabilities with easy-to-use analytic tools and visualization for business analysts and data scientists. It comes with rich developer tools, powerful analytic functions, and exceptional administration and management capabilities, as well as the latest versions of Hadoop and associated projects. In addition, IBM PureData System for Hadoop provides extensive capabilities with enhanced big data tools for monitoring, development, and integration with many more enterprise systems.

IBM PureData System for Hadoop offers simplicity, flexibility, and consumability in a single integrated system.


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