IBM Network Analytics Accelerator

IBM Network Analytics Accelerator provides a single end-to-end view of the customer, network, services and handsets to help Communications Service Providers monetize their growing volume of network data by gaining detailed insight to quality of service, customer behavior and customer experience. It combines speed, scalability, smart network performance and customer insight analytics in one simple-to-use offering. The Network Analytics Accelerator has been specifically designed to provide a single end-to-end view of a communication service provider's network, services, handsets and customers. It offers the depth and breadth of detailed history on a rich set of correlated data, bridging business and network data to identify patterns and trends in network performance and customer behavior.

Purposefully designed

The Network Analytics Accelerator is a combined solution from IBM and Ventraq composed of a high-performance analytical database and best of breed network intelligence software designed to be production data load-ready in as little as 12 weeks. It contains pre-packaged KPIs/KQIs based on telecom best practices that are designed to accelerate time-to-value. It leverages a well-defined data integration approach that automates the integration of new data sources from the network and the business as much as possible. This approach delivers exponential value out of integrated data through incremental investment in the solution.

The Network Analytics Accelerator running on the IBM PureData System for Analytics appliance correlates detailed transactional data coming from across the network with enriching data from other relevant sources from the network and business. This allows it to deliver unparalleled insight to the customer and network value chain. It also provides the ability to fully analyze that data (both current and historical) — on-demand and across multiple dimensions — through a powerful business intelligence and ad-hoc query layer. This gives users immediate access to the data which is of greatest importance to them, and allows them to ask questions they didn't think they could ask, and get answers in a timeframe previously unattainable.

Real-world uses

The Network Analytics Accelerator solution provides a single repository of data that can be leveraged by multiple user groups. It offers a load once, use many, approach that drives operational efficiency and synergy. The same data sources can support multiple use cases relevant to the line of business and operations teams. The ability to deeply analyze the complete data-set and combine various KPIs/KQIs without limits can support multiple and varied use cases from marketing, customer care, network operations and finance. It provides the ability to view the same customer and transaction from completely different perspectives.

The Network Analytics Accelerator combines the performance of IBM PureData System for Analytics appliances with proven network analytics from Ventraq in one easy-to-deploy solution. This combination enables near real-time, on-demand data analysis and delivers rapid time-to-value on an appliance platform that is fully scalable to support tactical, strategic and predictive analytics.

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