IBM PureData Solution for Customer Insight

The amount of time U.S. consumers spend shopping on the web or via mobile applications has increased dramatically over the past few years. Fueled by steady growth in e-commerce, mobile applications, social networking sites and new on-line retail models, today's retail market offers consumers more ways than ever to shop. The proliferation of retail channels - combined with today's newly empowered retail shopper - have made it both more important and dramatically harder for retailers to understand who their customers are and how they interact with their brands.

To effectively deliver on a cross-channel brand experience and optimize customer loyalty and satisfaction, retailers need to understand their customers' behavior throughout the shopping lifecycle - from awareness and browsing through purchase, receipt and use - and across all channels. By translating that omni-channel understanding into customer intelligence using customer behavioral analytics, retailers can create insights to drive customer-based decision making across their organization. From supply chain and merchandising to marketing and store operations, these omni-channel customer analytics can help retailers optimize their value proposition to more perfectly match each customer's individual needs.

The PureData Solution for Customer Insight is a combined solution from IBM and Aginity that provides retail marketers with business intelligence and analytic reports on customer behavior. It combines decades of Aginity’s knowledge and expertise in customer data integration, segmentation and analytics with the power and simplicity of IBM’s expert integrated system for high performance analytics, combining all of a retailer's channels and customer touch points into a single integrated reporting environment. By leveraging proven, industry best-practice solution components and appliance technology, the PureData Solution for Customer Insight dramatically accelerates a retailer's ability to achieve a truly customer-driven business model.

IBM PureData Solution for Customer Insight...

IBM PureData Solution for Customer Insight lets retailers gain a holistic view of their customers to answers business questions such as:

Solution Components:

IBM PureData System for Analytics, powered by Netezza technology

Integrates database, server and storage into a single, easy-to-manage system that requires minimal setup and ongoing administration. It seamlessly scales from terabytes to pedabytes, so that businesses can easily deal with the demands of big data. Best of all, analytic models are processed at lightning fast speed, due to the massively parallel architecture. Learn more

Aginity Customer Intelligence Appliance software and services

Customer Intelligence Appliance (CIA) is an integrated set of smart and adaptable software, hardware and embedded analytics that bridges digital and physical worlds to create a multi-channel view of customers – deployed in a matter of weeks. It connects into operational systems and makes a retailer’s interaction with their customers more real-time, relevant and personalized. The Aginity Customer Intelligence Appliance (CIA) is a leading edge solution built on the IBM PureData System for Analytics.

IBM Cognos Software Interfaces

Predefined reports are quickly generated from established links to IBM Cognos or other reporting tools. For customers with existing Cognos licenses, ad hoc reports can be easily created and deployed across the enterprise. IBM Cognos software is a leading business intelligence, financial performance and strategy management solution that provides valuable insights for the analytics-driven organization, and uniquely enables your organization to apply analytics to decision-making, anytime, anywhere. Learn more

Other Industry Solutions Powered by Netezza Technology


Industry Solutions


IBM Network Analytics Accelerator
An all-in-one network intelligence appliance for the telecommunications industry, designed for use with IBM PureData System for analytics. Learn more

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Financing IBM PureSystems

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