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PureData System for Analytics

IBM® PureData™ for Analytics, powered by Netezza technology, is a simple data appliance for serious analytics. It simplifies and optimizes performance of data services for analytic applications, enabling very complex algorithms to run in minutes not hours, delivering:

Speed, Simplicity, Scalability, SmartSpeed, Simplicity, Scalability, Smart

Client Testimonials

NYSE Euronext Conquers Big Data Challenges with IBM

NYSE Euronext Conquers Big Data Challenges with IBM

NYSE Euronext, a global trading and technology provider, knows all about big data. They analyze two terabytes of data a day or more across trading markets. As the amount of data that NYSE analyzes continues to grow, IBM PureData System for Analytics, powered by Netezza technology, will be at the core of their business, helping them manage data and identify insights more efficiently.


T-Mobile Leverages Deep Network Analytics for Improved Business Operations and Expanded Offerings with IBM

With a customer base of 200 million mobile customers, T-Mobile saw its data growth rate multiply by 3 in just a year. Needing an integrated and agile approach to manage their big data, T-Mobile adopted the IBM PureData System for Analytics to achieve unprecedented increases in analytic speed and accuracy.


Premier Healthcare Alliance Harnesses Big Data for Optimized Healthcare Processes

To maintain the largest clinical database in the US, Premier Healthcare Alliance needed an analytic solution to better manage their 2.5 million daily transactions. With the IBM PureData System for Analytics, they achieved exponential improvements in query processing to ensure better and faster patient care.

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