IBM PureData System

Meeting big data challenges with simplicity, speed and lower cost

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A simplified system for today's data demands

With the challenge of growing data volume and the need for fast business answers, using a multi-purpose system for all data workloads is often not the most cost effective or low risk approach, and definitely not the fastest to deploy. The PureData System is optimized exclusively for delivering data services to today's demanding analytic applications. Each IBM PureSystems product offers built-in expertise, integration by design, and a simplified experience throughout its life cycle.

Built-in expertise
Codified data management best practices are provided for each workload. PureData System delivers automated pattern-based deployment and management of highly reliable and scalable database services.

Integration by design
Hardware, storage and software capabilities are designed and optimized for specific high performance data workloads such as patented data filtering using programmable hardware (FPGAs) for ultrafast execution of analytic queries without the need for indices.

Simplified experience
The PureData System provides single part procurement with no assembly required (ready to load data in hours), open integration with 3rd party software, and integrated management console for the entire system, single line of support, integrated system upgrades and maintenance.

The PureData System comes in different models that have been designed, integrated and optimized to deliver data services to today's demanding applications with simplicity, speed & lower cost.

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IBM PureData Integrated Systems

IBM PureData Integrated Systems

Offer built-in expertise, integration by design and a dramatically simplified IT experience—all to help you seize opportunity and achieve competitive advantage.

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