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Create right-sized, fictionalized test databases to accelerate application delivery

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Business moves fast—which means that software development teams need to move even faster. The emergence of new software development models, such as the agile development process and cloud testing environments and DevOps are driving a new era of computing.

To make the most of the new era of computing, organizations need effective and efficient testing strategies for continuous testing – complete with processes for governing test data. However, many development, testing and quality assurance (QA) teams struggle to create and maintain the required test data. IT departments often lack confidence about test data preparation and data usage.

That’s where test data management comes in.

IBM InfoSphere Optim offers comprehensive test data management capabilities for creating “right-sized”, fictionalized test databases that accurately reflect end-to-end business processes. Organizations eliminate costly cloning processes and correct defects early in the development process. InfoSphere Optim scales to across applications, databases, operating systems and hardware platforms. Secure your test environments, improve quality, accelerate release cycles and reduce costs with InfoSphere Optim.

The InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management solutions can:

Reduce Cost: Automate creation of realistic "right sized" test data to reduce the size of test environments.

Reduce Risk: Mask sensitive information for compliance and protection

Speed Delivery: Refresh test data speeding testing and application delivery

InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management solutions also helps organizations embrace a new era of computing by supporting testing in the cloud and big data systems through DevOps

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