If there is one constant across the expanding global economy, it is change. Keeping up requires organizations to constantly enhance products and services to meet and exceed competitive offerings, satisfy a broad spectrum of customer expectations, and continually explore strategies to sustain revenue growth and profitability.

From a data management perspective, there are many aspects to—and challenges involved in—managing change. Business requirements evolve constantly, and the activities required to meet them can involve a variety of hardware, workload, database and application changes such as next-generation server upgrades, database fix packs or increased transaction volumes due to expanded applications and more users.

InfoSphere Optim Query Capture and Replay helps organizations create realistic testing environments based on actual workloads so they can capture, customize and replay scenarios to ferret out potential problems before making changes to production systems.

Seamless integration of capture and replay capabilities into testing procedures helps organizations:

Improve customer satisfaction: Anticipate and correct potential problems sooner.

Reduce cost of change: Establish consistent database testing processes.

Meet SLAs: Ensure well-tuned, high performing workloads before deployment.


The InfoSphere Optim Query Capture and Replay support heterogeneous enterprise environments including custom applications, ERP solutions and all platforms including Windows, Unix/Linux and IBM z/OS.


InfoSphere Optim Workload Replay

Use captured production workloads for more realistic, rigorous tests

InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management

Optimize and automate test data management to reduce cost, accelerate application delivery and lower risk