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Invest savings from data archiving into high-value areas such as cloud, social, mobile and big data

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Data Archiving


IBM is a leader in structured data archiving solutions.

InfoSphere Optim Archive enables organizations to intelligently archive data to reduce costs, improve performance and minimize risks. By archiving rarely accessed historical transactions, in a way that keeps the data in business context and maintains access to it, production systems perform better while meeting data retention requirements. Because InfoSphere Optim Archive can provide application-independent access, many organizations also use it to retire applications during application rationalization and modernization projects. This helps them to recognizing significant savings and simplifying their IT infrastructure.

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The InfoSphere Optim Archive solution supports heterogeneous enterprise environments including custom applications, packaged ERP and CRM applications and all platforms including Windows, UNIX/Linux and IBM z/OS

InfoSphere Optim also supports archiving data to the cloud, such as IBM Smart Cloud enterprise.

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