In the era of Big Data, more data is a good thing; it presents companies with previously unseen opportunities. However, the data explosion can have its down-side too. Organizations are increasingly challenged with successfully managing the ever increasing data deluge. Larger and larger amounts of data are stored in various data repositories across the enterprise which can negatively affect operations and cost.

Lack of data archiving can lead to rampant data growth and impair the performance of mission critical enterprise systems, OTLP applications, data warehouses and big data environments, jeopardizing the ability to service clients and meet service level agreements. It also can drive up costs as organizations add infrastructure to meet the performance demands of clients and business users.

InfoSphere Optim Archive is the proven, market leading data archiving solution that solves the data growth problem at the source, reducing costs, improving performance and efficiency, and minimizing the risks associated with managing structured data throughout its lifetime.

Benefits of data archiving with InfoSphere Optim Archive

Improve Performance and Efficiency
With less data, system and application performance improves, reports, queries and batch processes run faster, and back-up and recovery processes run more efficiently.

Minimize Risks
Intelligently archiving data out of productions systems allows for data retention compliance, but also supports a better long-term solution for storing application data by providing application-independent access to that data. Intelligent data archiving ensures that e-discovery and legal hold requirements can easily be met.

Reduce Costs
With data archiving, infrequently used data from productions environments can be stored on less expensive storage, and can be compressed to save even more storage space.


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