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Analyst reports 

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Structured Data Archiving Application Retirement

In the first ever Structured Data Archiving Application Retirement Magic Quadrant, IBM is recognized as a leader in the ability to execute and completeness of vision.

Last updated: 07 Jul 2014

Bloor Research: Managing data growth on System z

IBM Optim provides facilities that ensure that the data won't break and it offers a variety of mechanisms for accessing the data. In this paper, we will discuss breakage and access in more detail, and then briefly consider how IBM Optim works, particularly with respect to System z.

Last updated: 27 Aug 2013

Solid Vendor Solutions Bolster Database Archiving Market

Enterprise application data continues to grow exponentially. To that end, today's organizations should consider database archiving solutions available through third-party vendors to control storage and operational costs.

Last updated: 25 Aug 2011


Business Driven Governance: Managing Policies for Data Retention eBook

Many organizations still turn a blind eye to information governance issues, and rely instead on IT to keep adding storage capacity as a way to ‘manage’ data growth, often past the budgeted limits. Learn about Managing Policies for Data Retention from this ebook.

Last updated: 19 Sep 2013

Intelligent Archiving eBook

This ebook tells you about effective database archiving in a new era of computing. Learn how Database archiving strategies,whether applied to packaged applications,custom applications or data warehouse environments can provide benefits to both IT groups and lines of business.

Last updated: 19 Sep 2013

The fundamentals of data lifecycle management in the era of big data

Read the ebook and know how data lifecycle management complements a big data strategy

Last updated: 19 Sep 2013


InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management Solution for SAP Applications

InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management Solution for SAP enables organizations to create targeted, “right-sized” subsets faster and more efficiently for shorter testing cycles and faster application delivery.

Last updated: 23 Apr 2012

InfoSphere Optim System Analyzer for SAP Applications

Client-facing self-running demo of InfoSphere Optim System Analyzer for SAP Applications. Includes voice-over and captions.

Last updated: 01 Jan 2008


Data Security for NoSQL systems with IBM InfoSphere Guardium

NoSQL data systems are making their way into the enterprise. IBM InfoSphere Guardium is a cross-platform, cross-database solution that can help speed the deployment of NoSQL by breaking down the inhibitors to meeting security and compliance requirements and reducing overall risk.

Last updated: 28 Feb 2014


Achieve competitive advantage through continuous testing

Watch this webcast and learn : How to create proper test data based on use case requirements How to facilitate DBA and tester collaboration How Rational offerings and InfoSphere work together

Last updated: 19 Sep 2013

White papers 

IBM InfoSphere Guardium Data Encryption: Help secure and protect SAP data

This paper describes the unique challenges involved in securing SAP data. It highlights and compares the various technologies that can be used to secure SAP data along with the trade offs posed by the different approaches.

Last updated: 16 Sep 2011