Organizations rely on a myriad of custom and packaged applications to collect and manage the critical business information that drives daily operations. As the business evolves, organizations often need to upgrade to next generation applications, consolidate and retire applications, and simplify the supporting IT infrastructure to reduce costs.

Over time, applications can outlast their value to the business, eventually costing more to maintain than they are worth. But companies are reluctant to retire obsolete, legacy, or redundant applications for fear they may someday need the underlying data. As a recommended best practice, organizations must evaluate application portfolios regularly to determine whether their investments are delivering maximum business value.

InfoSphere Optim data lifecycle management solutions makes application retirement and consolidation projects easier and safer by providing the capability to archive data from decommissioned applications while providing ongoing access to the data for query and reporting. You reduce risk and cut cost, without jeopardizing data retention compliance.

The InfoSphere Optim solutions supports heterogeneous enterprise environments including custom applications, packaged ERP and CRM applications ( including JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise, Siebel CRM) , and all platforms including Windows, UNIX/Linux and IBM z/OS. InfoSphere Optim also supports archiving data to the cloud, such as IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise object storage.

Intelligently archive data to reduce costs, improve performance and minimize risks

InfoSphere Optim Solution for Application Retirement enables organizations to archive historical transaction records, storing them securely and cost-effectively, while maintaining long-term access for data retention needs.
The InfoSphere Optim helps organizations by:

  • Reducing hardware, storage and maintenance costs by archiving historical data from applications and systems freeing valuable resources
  • Assess dormant data to identify data that should be archived
  • Archiving, managing, retaining and disposing application data according to business and compliance policies
  • Supporting legal hold requirements and responding quickly to audit and discovery requests with universal access to archived information
  • Centrally managing and controlling archiving across applications, databases, operating systems and platforms


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