The Netezza Factor in Action

How IBM clients are increasing customer loyalty, adding capabilities, empowering research and driving new business.

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The power of data. High-speed analytics

Organizations everywhere are utilizing the Netezza Factor, which enables them to do more with complex data than they ever thought possible. With the ability to rapidly explore information and perform high-speed analytics, everyone, across all lines of business, can discover keen insights that fuel innovative, next-level ideas and results. Here are some of their stories.

Featured Success Stories

What is the Netezza Factor?

SavingsThe Netezza Factor is the transformational effect that occurs when you deploy IBM Netezza data warehouse appliances. Suddenly, everyone, across all lines of business, has access to fast, real-time data insight.

Reports and Studies

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    Tapping into unleashed business potential through advanced analytics.

    Discover how organizations everywhere are leveraging the hidden power of robust analytics in order to maintain a competitive edge.
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    Beyond smart meters: Taking analytics to utilities data.

    Utility companies facing steep changes in their industries can use analytics to better meet their customers’ needs and increase productivity.
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Featured Product

SavingsIBM Netezza 1000 is a high-performance, purpose-built data warehouse appliance that integrates database, server and storage into a single, easy-to-manage appliance.

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