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See how the Netezza Factor can enable you to explore and interact with large volumes of complex data like never before.

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What is the Netezza Factor?

The explosion of big data is redefining the very way business is conducted.

Companies must do more with this massive surge in complex information to stay competitive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. And they have to do it fast.

That’s why organizations at the forefront are utilizing the Netezza Factor.

The Netezza Factor is the transformational effect that occurs when you deploy high-performance IBM® Netezza® data warehouse appliances. With this technology, large quantities of complex data can be interrogated fast. Real fast. And companies are liberated to leverage rapid-fire, advanced analytics to explore complex data sets in smarter and more scalable ways–enabling them to make better, more-informed decisions. All from one easy-to-implement, cost-effective appliance that requires little maintenance, management or ongoing tuning.

Here you can discover how the Netezza Factor has transformed other organizations across industries, explore the range of IBM Netezza products, and find out how to contact IBM to learn more about the Netezza Factor.


  • Delivering a new ROI for Communications–return on insight in a big data world.

    Extract insight from an immense volume, variety and velocity of data, beyond what was previously possible, and put data to work for the business.
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  • Beyond smart meters: Taking analytics to utilities data.

    Build a 360-degree view of your business and customers, so analysis can be applied at the speed business is taking place.
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The Netezza Buzz

.Hear what IBM Netezza clients have to say about the benefits of rapidly analyzing complex data, and how it has empowered them to be more innovative in their business decisions.

Featured Success Story

.Forensic Analytics for Healthier Outcomes
Blue Cross and Blue Shield generated life-saving reports 400 percent faster, enabling it to rapidly connect with patients who needed help the most.

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