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Master Data Management

Watch the videos below and learn how IBM Master Data Management manages master data domains (customers, accounts, products) that have a significant impact on the most important business processes and realizes the promise of SOA.

IBM InfoSphere MDM Solutions for Insurance
Master data management helps make insurers smarter. MDM enables them to connect disparate pieces of customer information across policy systems, departments, and channels, into a single, actionable view that is customer-centric rather than policy-centric.

IBM InfoSphere MDM Solutions for Telecommunications
Implementing MDM solutions, telecommunications companies have achieved increased profitability and wallet share, boosted customer retention and acquisition, and reduced operational costs.

IBM InfoSphere MDM Solutions for Banking
MDM enables banks to connect disparate pieces of customer information across departments, branch locations and lines of business, into a single, actionable view. Armed with a complete picture of the customer relationship, banks can boost customer retention, increase assets under management; lower operating costs and reduce compliance risks.

InfoSphere MDM Solution for Retail
Learn how leading retailers, distributors and manufacturers leverage IBM InfoSphere Product Information Management solutions to boost supply chain productivity and deliver an optimal customer purchase experience.

An Introduction to IBM InfoSphere MDM Server
This video provides an introduction to master data management by following a fictitious organization through their understanding of master data and how MDM benefits the organization by achieving a single version of customer data. Business and technical benefits of IBM's InfoSphere Master Data Management Solution are discussed.

IBM MDM in Action: A Flash Overview
This flash overview covers topics such as Virtual and Physical MDM styles are described and business drivers such as enhanced customer service gained through a single view of information with MDM.

MDM-Powered Business Solutions for
This video will show the challenges that users face in managing customer and prospect information and explore the benefits of an MDM-powered solution for Salesforce CRM. In particular, the video will describe how IBM Infosphere Master Data Management addresses these CRM challenges and helps companies.

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