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With InfoSphere Optim 11.3, IBM continues to deliver innovative capabilities to extend the solution and deliver more value for our clients.

What’s new for InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management?

In the 11.3 release of InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management, IBM has added the unique capability known as Hadoop Test Data Hub.

IBM Hadoop Test Data Hub extends the current InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management (TDM) solution by leveraging Hadoop as a test data landing zone. Hadoop Test Data Hub is a part of the standard InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management Solution and includes IBM BigInsights, IBM’s Hadoop offering. Hadoop Test Data Hub can be used in conjunction with IBM BigInsights or any other Hadoop platform that supports the use of Hive version 0.12 and above.

The new market forces of Mobile, Social and Big Data are putting greater pressure on development organizations to do more, at a faster pace. They are being asked to deliver more frequent releases, without sacrificing quality or increasing budgets. Different tools are needed to help them meet that goal. That’s where Hadoop Test Data Hub comes in. Hadoop Test Data Hub is powered by a Hadoop based, open and scalable platform.

Hadoop Test Data Hub utilizes Hive as a source and target data store, allowing clients to use Hadoop as a trusted test data management landing zone for all their test data needs. Hadoop Test Data Hub can de-identify and mask data in and out of Hadoop ensuring that no sensitive data is exposed during the testing process and also provides the unique capability of processing the data as a referentially intact complete business object to ensure referential integrity in test and development environments.

With Hadoop Test Data Hub, application developers and testers now have access to an open, highly flexible test data repository. Hadoop Test Data Hub provides a centralized view into all test data. The open nature of the platform enables flexible ways to query, search, modify and even create test data. The capabilities of IBM BigInsights, allows developers and testers to visualize and manipulate data before it is provisioned. Hadoop Test Data Hub enables organization to scale test data repositories as needed and provides them with flexible data provisioning allowing them to quickly respond to changing requirements and meet business needs.

TDM Actions is another new feature in InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management version 11.3. TDM Actions allows users to exit at different points of Optim Test Data Management services such as extract and insert etc. to execute SQL or a SQL stored procedure. This provides users with a more flexible way to extend Optim Services to satisfy client’s unique test data management requirements.

What’s new for InfoSphere Optim Archive?

Enhanced User Interface: IBM has enhanced the user interface for InfoSphere Optim Archive to improve client’s usability. This new, easy-to-use GUI will increase adoption of InfoSphere Optim Solutions and help speed time to value.

Improved Reporting: The new Archive Data Consumption report provides visibility into the success of Archive projects with information on the amount of data that has been archived over time by many different views. These views include consumption by date, data store, storage profile, access definition and more. Optim 11.3 also ships with a new Archive Process Monitoring report. This report will help clients improve their Optim Archive processes. It provides summary and detailed information on archive process as well as statistical information and details on table access strategy.

Additional Features