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InfoSphere Information Server

InfoSphere Information Server v9.1 and v9.1.2 delivers new ‘anywhere integration’ features to help you rationalize your increasingly complex environment and meet your evolving information integration needs. Anywhere integration capabilities provide:

  • -Agile integration – for faster, more flexible integration
  • -Business-driven governance – for information governance rules and policies
  • -Sustainable data quality – for greater accuracy and adaptability

InfoSphere Data Replication

InfoSphere Data Replication V10.2 continues to increase IBM capabilities and versatility for use in different topologies and environments, thereby significantly increasing its use in multiple enterprise data integration projects and providing significant performance enhancements to address your ever increasing data volumes in a big data environment.

Key new capabilities available in the change data capture technology of InfoSphere Data Replication V10.2 and InfoSphere Change Data Delivery V10.2 include:

InfoSphere Federation Server

InfoSphere Federation Server V10.5 offers data virtualization through a robust SQL interface and a full relational database engine designed for global optimization of data access. It helps you quickly prototype and implement solutions involving disparate databases by virtualizing access so that data can remain in place. InfoSphere Federation Server V10.5 delivers support for Version 10.5 of DB2 for LUW as well as improved support for data virtualization. Data virtualization enhancements include improved performance and increased compatibility with data sources.

Enhancements to InfoSphere Federation Server for use with DB2 and InfoSphere Warehouse include:

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Boost Data Veracity with IBM InfoSphere Data Replication

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