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What's New in IBM InfoSphere Information Server

Anywhere information integration helps you transform insights from trusted information into actionable results

Creating trusted information requires collaboration between IT and business, using a unified platform to define and integrate data. Organizations must ensure that data is accessible, authoritative, consistent, timely, and in context for analysis and reporting.

On June 24, IBM announced several exciting new features for InfoSphere Information Server to help clients rationalize their increasingly complex environment and meet rapidly changing information integration needs, some highlights include:

1. New capabilities supporting agile integration - for faster, more flexible integration

InfoSphere Information Server V11.3 delivers new capabilities, including:

2. New capabilities for business-driven governance - for information governance rules and policies


InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog (renamed from InfoSphere Business Information Exchange) v11.3 provides a one-stop shop from which any user can search for and find information sources that are meaningful for delivering real business value. This benefit comes from the catalog's seamless user experience for the creation, monitoring, and publishing of business-critical metadata that adds context and relevance to information in your "data lake." Business and IT users can both collaborate and share insight about information sources, thereby speeding the time to value for any project that requires governed and trusted data - big data analytics, data warehousing, master data management, and many others.

Comprehensive data source search is one of the new features in Information Governance Catalog v11.3. This capability enables users to search for any type of data source – tables, files, cloud structures, and more - or search based on business terms and policies and then drill into the related data sources. The flexibility of this method provides users the ability to find candidate data sources quickly and then explore the rich detail about those sources to confidently select the most relevant data for their business purpose.

3. New capabilities for sustainable data quality - for greater accuracy and adaptability

InfoSphere Information Server accelerates the ability for enterprises to deliver high-quality, trusted data as part of data governance programs. Some of the new v11.3 features to enable sustainable data quality include:

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