What's New in IBM InfoSphere Information Server v9.1

Anywhere integration for a new era of computing helps you transform insights from trusted information into actionable results

Creating trusted information requires collaboration between IT and business, using a unified platform to define and integrate data. Organizations must ensure that data is accessible, authoritative, consistent, timely, and in context for analysis and reporting. InfoSphere Information Server V9.1 delivers new features to help you rationalize your increasingly complex environment and meet your evolving information integration needs.

InfoSphere Information Server’s end-to end information integration capabilities allow you to understand your data, cleanse, monitor, transform, and deliver data, as well as to collaborate to bridge the gap between business and IT. Since its inception, InfoSphere Information Server has provided a highly scalable and flexible integration platform, providing massively parallel processing (MPP) that handles small and very large data volumes and everything in between.

By leveraging the ‘anywhere integration’ capabilities delivered by InfoSphere Information Server V9.1, you can ensure that the information that drives your business and strategic initiatives – including big data and point of impact analytics – is trusted, consistent and governed in real-time.

InfoSphere Information Server V9.1 provides ‘anywhere integration’ for a new era of computing, and new features provide capabilities to help clients improve productivity, performance, and time to value through:

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    What’s new in IBM InfoSphere Information Server 9.1
    Robust “anywhere integration” capabilities for a new era of computing
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