Reducing operational costs and increasing business productivity are high priorities for enterprises in the current economic climate. This has raised interest in a number of information management projects ranging from dynamic data warehousing, master data management, application migrations/consolidations, operational BI, and services-oriented architecture environments. For these initiatives to be successful, there is a common, pervasive need for a steady, reliable stream of data from a diverse range of data sources while not impacting existing production systems or adding any business or IT risk. A key factor in the solution is effectively managing enterprise data through the timely capture and delivery of information as it happens. This not only helps reduce both business and IT costs, but also increases visibility into lines of business to help optimize/streamline processes to minimize business risk. This led to the IBM acquisition of DataMirror.

Within months after the acquisition, there was a direct integration between DataMirror's Change Data Capture (CDC) technology (formerly known as DataMirror Transformation Server) and InfoSphere Information Server. Latest release further enhance the direct ETL integration with transactional integrity and recoverability. By leveraging the DataMirror's technology's low impact, real-time data integration solution with IBM InfoSphere Information Server’s powerful parallel processing platform with extensive transformation, data cleansing, and ETL capabilities, customers have the flexibility to address a broader range of information management initiatives, enabling them to deliver timely, trusted information.

DataMirror's change data capture and replication solutions provide scalable, high performance, heterogeneous data movement with minimal impact to source systems. These solutions include IBM InfoSphere Data Replication and IBM InfoSphere Data Replication for z/OS (formerly known as DataMirror Transformation Server) for heterogeneous change data capture. These solutions are key components of IBM InfoSphere Information Server to accelerate the ROI of information management projects and progressively advance your business ahead of the competition.

DataMirror's iCluster product is now owned by Rocket Software.


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