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What is data integration?

Data integration is the combination of technical and business processes used to combine data from disparate sources into meaningful and valuable information. A complete data integration solution encompasses discovery, cleansing, monitoring, transforming and delivery of data from a variety of sources.

A new era of computing is unfolding, bringing with it an explosion in the volume, variety and velocity of data. Integration of trusted data improves the success rate of critical projects and key analytics initiatives. Organizations of all sizes need data integration capabilities that fully support their business requirements. They need to integrate data wherever it resides – whether on the mainframe or within big data sources – while applying governance and data-quality best practices. And they need to support big data.

How does data integration help your organization?

IBM's data integration solutions enable you to understand, cleanse, monitor, transform and deliver data, as well as to collaborate to bridge the gap between business and IT. IBM provides capabilities for delivering data in real time to business applications, whether through bulk (extract, transform, load (ETL)), virtual (federated) or incremental (change data capture) data delivery.

With IBM, you can ensure that the information that drives your business and your strategic initiatives – from big data and point-of-impact analytics to master data management and data warehousing – is trusted, consistent and governed in real time.

Customer Spotlight

  • Sicoob Sicoob, Brazil's largest cooperative credit system, talks about how they deployed InfoSphere Information Server with System z to create a highly scalable and reliable platform to meet increased demand on their service network from their customers' mobile devices. Sicoob achieved 90% consolidation of their server environment and reduced power consumption by 400%.
    Watch the video (00:04:33)
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  • BANK

    ScotiaBank reduced end-to-end time to deliver reports by over 50% and provided CAN$1 million annual savings in statement printing costs
    Read the case study(PDF, 969KB)

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InfoSphere Information Server for Data Integration

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Spend 3 minutes and learn how InfoSphere Information Server supports big data integration, agile integration for all levels of data volume, easy self-service data integration, and more!

Bolstering data confidence with comprehensive information integration
InfoSphere Information Server v11.3 delivers robust integration capabilities for greater confidence in the big data era
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Derive actionable real-time insight from your big data with data replicationDerive actionable real-time insight from your big data with data replication
Learn how data replication's real-time operational and analytical data synchronization enriches mobile apps and big data projects with up-to-the-second information.
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Seven principles for achieving high performance and scalability for information integrationSeven principles for achieving high performance and scalability for information integration
Presenting seven essential elements for high-performance information integration and how they apply to designing, building, supporting and using scalable data processing systems.

Magic Quadrant for Data Integration ToolsMagic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools
IBM is a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools, positioned Highest in Ability to Execute (Source Gartner July 2013)
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Critical Capabilities: Data Delivery Styles for Data Integration ToolsCritical Capabilities: Data Delivery Styles for Data Integration Tools
Together with Gartner's "Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools," this report will help IT leaders pick the tool best suited to their conventional and emerging data delivery needs.
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Business Case for Enterprise Data Integration StrategyBusiness Case for Enterprise Data Integration Strategy
A International Technology Group (ITG) report comparing IBM InfoSphere Information Server and Open Source Tools
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TDWI Best Practices Report - Next generation data integrationTDWI Best Practices Report - Next generation data integration
Get an understanding of the many new products and options that have entered data integration practices in recent years, and learn how to map these newly available technologies, products, and practices to real-world use cases.
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