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Data Warehousing

Watch the videos below to learn about a wide variety of data warehousing and analytics which enable the best approach for each situation.

Business Insight at Your Fingertips: IBM Smart Analytics System 5710
IBM’s new Smart Analytics System 5710 offers organizations of all sizes immediate access to business analytics at an attractive price point. Starting at under $50K, the Smart Analytics system features everything that you could need to make better business decisions.

IBM Smart Analytics System 5710
Listen to Amit Patel, Product Marketing Manager, describe IBM Smart Analytics System 5710, which offers pre-integrated analytics capabilities on a powerful, compact, cost-efficient system.

IBM Stream Computing for Smarter Healthcare
IBM InfoSphere Streams helps define and run powerful analytics on structured and unstructured data in motion. In the healthcare domain, InfoSphere Streams is currently being used to continually analyze up to 16 concurrent streams of physiological data (Blood Pressure, EKG, Blood Oxygen Saturation level etc) from each premature infant in a neo natal ICU. InfoSphere Streams based analytics can alert hospital staff of impending life threatening infections in premature infants upto 24 hours earlier than current practices.

InfoSphere Warehouse Value Matrix
The InfoSphere Warehouse Value Matrix is a tour through the multiple levels of value the InfoSphere Warehouse delivers for your company.

The InfoSphere Warehouse is designed for any organization looking for complete end to end information management solutions in order to meet unique challenges in harnessing the power of information assets.

InfoSphere Warehouse Packs – Overview
IBM InfoSphere Warehouse Packs are designed to speed time-to-value by allowing organizations to focus on business issues and innovation rather than database plumbing. The packs are accelerator add-ons complete with physical data models and sample reports based on specific business issues that organizations face every day.

InfoSphere Warehouse Pack for Customer Insight
The InfoSphere Warehouse Pack for Customer Insight addresses business issues common to organizations that are trying to better understand the profitability and profiles of their typical customers. It contains an extensive set of Cognos reports in 4 categories: communications analysis, transaction analysis, periodic analysis and profitability analysis.

InfoSphere Warehouse Pack for Market & Campaign Insight
The InfoSphere Warehouse Pack for Market and Campaign Insight is designed to help organizations understand the overall details of their market and determine how to acquire new customers in a competitive environment. This pack includes sample Cognos reports in the areas of market analysis and campaign analysis.

InfoSphere Warehouse Pack for Supply Chain Insight
For many organizations, efficient supply chain management is fundamental to their success. The InfoSphere Warehouse Pack for Supply Chain Insight is designed to help organizations ensure they have the correct products or components in the right place at the right time—without hurting cash flow by overinvesting in inventory

See the Future – IBM Smart Analytics System
See how the IBM Smart Analytics System gives organizations the clarity to make better, faster decisions.

IBM InfoSphere Information Server for Data Warehousing
Information Server is a platform for data integration that fully supports the new requirements for data warehousing. InfoSphere Information Server delivers faster time to value, increases business confidence in information, and provides a lower cost of ownership than older, more time-consuming approaches.

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