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What’s new in IBM InfoSphere Streams v3.2.1

IBM InfoSphere Streams v3.2.1 was announced April 8, 2014. InfoSphere Streams v3.2.1 is designed to further extend analytic insight and ensure integration with the latest computing platforms. InfoSphere Streams v3.2.1 makes analytic accelerators more extendable and consumable and keeps pace with current platform releases.

Summary of new capabilities in IBM InfoSphere Streams v3.2.1

Extend and Consume Analytic Insight

Support for the Latest Platforms

What's new in IBM InfoSphere Streams v3.2

IBM InfoSphere Streams v3.2 was announced October 22, 2013 (Read the announcement letter).

Summary of capabilities announced in IBM InfoSphere Streams v3.2 as follows:

Improve Usability

Support Enterprise readiness

Streamline Enterprise integration

InfoSphere Streams Quick Start Edition

Download and use InfoSphere Streams Quick Start Edition in your non-production environment. No time limit, no data limit and experiment with your own use cases.

VENTANA RESEARCH. 2013 Technology Innovation AWARDS.

Ventana Research

InfoSphere Streams wins the IT Innovation Award for Operational Intelligence

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Emory University.

Cutting edge, real-time patient monitoring systems

The Emory University Hospital ICU is using a new patient monitoring system that allows clinicians to acquire, analyze, and correlate medical data at a volume and velocity that has never before been possible.

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