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The game changing big data use cases

While much of the big data activity in the market up to now has been experimenting and learning about big data technologies, IBM has been focused on also helping organizations understand what problems big data can address.

Stream Computing plays a vital role in several of these use cases.

Security/Intelligence Extension

Lower risk, detect fraud and monitor cyber security in real time. Augment and enhance cyber security and intelligence analysis platforms with big data technologies to process and analyze new types (e.g. social media, emails, sensors) and sources of under-leveraged data to significantly improve intelligence, security and law enforcement insight.

Data Warehouse Augmentation

Integrate big data and data warehouse capabilities to increase operational efficiency. Optimize your data warehouse to enable new types of analysis. Use big data technologies to set up a staging area or landing zone for your new data before determining what data should be moved to the data warehouse. Offload infrequently accessed or aged data from warehouse and application databases using information integration software and tools.

Operations Analysis

Analyze a variety of machine and operational data for improved business results. The abundance and growth of machine data, which can include anything from IT machines to sensors and meters and GPS devices requires complex analysis and correlation across different types of data sets. By using big data for operations analysis, organizations can gain real-time visibility into operations, customer experience, transactions and behavior.

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InfoSphere Streams Overview

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Roger Rea, product manager InfoSphere Streams gives us an overview of the Streams product and applications for big data in motion

Cutting edge, real-time patient monitoring systems

Emory University.

The Emory University Hospital ICU is using a new patient monitoring system that allows clinicians to acquire, analyze, and correlate medical data at a volume and velocity that has never before been possible.

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  • Operations Analysis Use Case

    Read this paper to learn how you can gain real-time insights, become more proactive, identify and investigate anomalies and monitor end-to-end infrastructure.

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