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InfoSphere Streams Quick Start Edition

InfoSphere Streams Quick Start edition is available via VM image or download. InfoSphere Streams analyzes massive data volumes in real-time to turn data into actionable insight. There is no data capacity or time limitation for the Quick Start Edition so you can experiment with large data sets and explore different use cases, on your own timeframe. InfoSphere Streams Quick Start is for non-production environments. InfoSphere Streams Quick Start Edition is always updated with the most current release.

Native Software Installation. Download Infosphere Brightinsights Quick start onto your machine. Get started now

System Requirements

VMware Image. Choose virtual machine option to get started with Quick Start even faster. Get started now

System Requirements

InfoSphere Streams Quick Start Edition includes:

  • Comprehensive Development Tools
    A variety of tools for developing and debugging analytic applications that have a high volume and variety of data types, such as, drag & drop graphical editor, data visualization, visual application monitoring.
  • Scale-Out Architecture
    A key differentiator for InfoSphere Streams is its distributed runtime platform, clustered for near limitless capability. You can scale from a single server to an unlimited number of nodes to process millions of events per second with microsecond latency.
  • Sophisticated Analytics
    InfoSphere Streams comes with numerous analytic toolkits that speed application creation and deployment, such as, geospatial, time series, R analytics, complex event processing, SPSS, advanced text analytics.

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