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InfoSphere Streams and Telecommunications

Fueled by rapid adoption in developing countries, mobile communications have become the industry's highest priority and are fueling rapid changes. The rapid emergence of smart phones and 3G/4G networks has resulted in wide spread SMS usage, cell phone based internet access and more wireless phone calls. The influx of data could be overwhelming, but smart telecommunications providers are turning this data into actionable insight. InfoSphere Streams enables predictive analytics of data in motion for real-time decisions allowing telecommunications to capture and analyze data - all the time, just in time.

Four ways InfoSphere Streams helps telecommunications providers keep pace:

  1. Processing of call data in real time to predict customer churn and fraud: Process CDRs and IPDRs to predict and prevent customer churn proactively and help filter SMS spam and SMS fraud in real-time.
  2. Timely marketing promotions and ability to analyze success in real-time: Trigger promotions to a selected set of customers within the subscriber list based on a predefined set of business rules. Determine the success of promotions within minutes and take necessary corrective actions.
  3. High utilization of expensive network assets: Initiate region specific real-time marketing promotions to ensure better utilization of expensive network infrastructure equipment. Understand geospatial location of the callers and target them effectively.
  4. Incremental revenue from newer marketing promotions: Provide a platform to run powerful geospatial analytics on subscribers to better understand their location patterns and cross sell / upsell additional services and promotions from partner vendors.

Results: increase customer satisfaction, maximize asset utilization and proactively retain the most profitable customers.

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