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Healthcare worldwide is in crisis - high costs, poor or inconsistent quality, and inaccessibility are potentially catastrophic. While there is no limit to the amount of data continuously being generated in provider organizations, some lack a way to analyze and correlate the data in real time. IBM Stream Computing enables predictive analytics of data in motion for real-time decisions allowing healthcare providers to capture and analyze data - all the time, just in time. The end goal is to save lives, shorten hospital stays and build healthier communities revolving around preventative care.

Results: anticipate disease onset and deliver real time patient data to make life changing decisions.


  • Emory University. Emory University.

    Cutting edge, real-time patient monitoring systems

    The Emory University Hospital ICU is using a new patient monitoring system that allows clinicians to acquire, analyze and correlate medical data at a volume and velocity that has never before been possible.

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