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InfoSphere Streams and Governments

Rapid urbanization, increasing strain on natural resources, citizen security and evolving global terror threats are the reality. However, tough problems also create new pathways for progress. By delivering real-time analytic processing on constantly changing data in motion, InfoSphere Streams is part of the solution. InfoSphere Streams enables predictive analytics of data in motion for real-time decisions allowing governments to capture and analyze data - all the time, just in time.

Specifically, InfoSphere Streams supports:

Security and Law Enforcement

Four ways InfoSphere Streams makes governments more secure :

  1. Smarter surveillance: Enable powerful predictive analytics on multiple concurrent streams of structured and unstructured surveillance data from sources such as manned and unmanned vehicles and security cameras to alert law enforcement of potential issues.
  2. Real-time global name and identity recognition: Run global name recognition and entity insight analytics on cross-border and intra-border transactions happening in real time to alert agencies of potential fraud and terrorist activity before the transaction is committed.
  3. Cyber attack prediction: Analyze real-time events across multiple layers of the network to discover and predict cyber attacks.
  4. Prediction and prevention of street crime: Mine data on the location parameters of street gangs as obtained through the geospatial location detectors such as GPS enabled cell phones to predict criminal activities and help authorities to proactively prevent them.

Results: protect against physical and cyber threats in real time and eliminate fraud before it happens.

Energy and Environment Leadership

Four ways InfoSphere Streams helps governments protect natural resources:

  1. Management of wildfire risk: Analyze smoke patterns in real time via live video and pictorial feeds from satellite and unmanned surveillance vehicles. Provide safety officials with a real-time assessment of the fire, allowing them to make more informed decisions on public evacuations and health warnings.
  2. Predictions of water quality and flow patterns: Visualize the movement of chemical constituents, monitor water quality and protect as well as analyze behavior of fish and marine mammal species as they migrate. All are key in providing a better scientific understanding of river and estuary ecosystems.
  3. Security for electric grid: With utilities moving towards smart meter technology and use of sensors along transmission lines, there is a growing communication network infrastructure over the existing physical electric transmission infrastructure. Analyze real-time events across multiple layers of the network (IDS, firewalls etc) to predict cyber attacks and discover new threats as early as possible.
  4. Protection of the energy grid from solar storms: Analyze data from sensors that track high frequency radio waves to protect citizens.

Results: support environmental protection, optimize resource consumption and accurately alert citizens of natural disasters.

Traffic Management and Other Services

Three ways InfoSphere Streams helps governments create healthier citizens:

  1. Better commuting options: Gather information from global positioning system (GPS) devices in taxi cabs and other vehicles in conjunction with data from delivery trucks, traffic sensors, transit systems, pollution monitors and weather information to provide real-time information on traffic flow and travel times.
  2. Real-time disease outbreak detection: Perform scoring on information coming across to the central health monitoring agencies to alert authorities on any outbreak of dangerous diseases or conditions.
  3. Smarter healthcare in intensive care units: Predict the potential onset of harmful conditions in ICU patients by running continuous analytics on physiological streams of sensor data from patients.

Results: reduce traffic accidents and establish preventative healthcare.

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