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InfoSphere Streams and Automotive

Increased globalization, sophisticated consumers demanding more innovative and sustainable vehicles, self driving and connected cars, and growing regulatory and environmental requirements are putting unprecedented pressure on existing business and manufacturing models. In fact, some plug-in hybrid vehicles generate 25 GB of data in just one hour. The automotive industry is predicted to be the second largest generator of data by 2015. InfoSphere Streams can help transform the industry by enabling predictive analytics of data in motion for real-time decisions allowing the automotive industry and its ecosystem to capture and analyze data - all the time, just in time.

Four ways InfoSphere Streams is transforming the automotive industry:

  1. More profitable aftermarket for services and products: Create targeted offers based on driving preferences such as sound systems, child safety equipment and entertainment.
  2. More interactive and safer driving experience: Deploy breaks automatically, operate windshield wipers dynamically, deploy airbags based on weight of passengers or send offers for near by businesses.
  3. Integrated vehicle data for collaboration: Share data across third parties such as insurance companies, retailers and emergency medical services.
  4. Improved quality and functionality of products: Detect problems sooner, predict breakdowns, and ensure parts are in stock to keep clients satisfied.

Results: optimize operations, improve the driving experience, and create safer roadways.

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