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It's not just the fact that you can do this 100 times faster than before. It's that you can begin to treat your data with a fair degree of discrimination and refine data concerning multiple phases in a way that was not previously possible.

Dr. N. Stewart McIntyre, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry University of Western Ontario

IBM SmartCloud Analytics helped detect 100% of the major incidents that occurred, including silent failures, and helped us eliminate manual thresholds, which will result in a cost avoidance of $300,000 USD annually.

Chris Smith, Director, Tools and Automation, Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc

Improvement of about 16% in forecast accuracy in the first three days with InfoSphere Streams.

Dr. Kostas Kalpakis, Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, UMBC

We improved performance 12X using InfoSphere Streams with IBM Opportunity Detection.

IBM Distinguished Engineer

CenterPoint Energy saved 700,000 gallons of fuel and lowered costs for consumers by $24M USD.

Dr. Steve Pratt, Corporate Technology Officer

What is stream computing?

Stream computing delivers real-time analytic processing on constantly changing data in motion. It enables descriptive and predictive analytics to support real-time decisions. Stream computing allows you to capture and analyze all data - all the time, just in time.

Data is all around us – from social media feeds to call data records to videos – but can be difficult to leverage. Sometimes there is simply too much data to collect and store before analyzing it. Sometimes it’s an issue of timing – by the time you store data, analyze it, and respond – it’s too late.

Stream computing changes where, when and how much data you can analyze. Store less, analyze more, and make better decisions, faster with stream computing.

Organizations struggle to:

How Stream Computing helps your enterprise:

Customer spotlight

  • Consolidated Communications

    Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc.

    Uses predictive insights to save $300,000 USD/year

    Read the case study (683.7KB)

  • Dublin City Baile Atha Cliath

    Dublin City Council

    Leverages the leading edge of IBM Smarter Cities research to reduce traffic congestion

    Read the case study (853KB)

  • IBM Burlington

    IBM Burlington

    Develops real-time semiconductor manufacturing process control with IBM InfoSphere Streams

    Read the case study (695KB)

  • Emory University.

    Cutting edge, real-time patient monitoring systems

    The Emory University Hospital ICU is using a new patient monitoring system that allows clinicians to acquire, analyze, and correlate medical data at a volume and velocity that has never before been possible.
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2013 Technology Innovation Awards

InfoSphere Streams wins the IT Innovation Award for Operational Intelligence

InfoSphere Streams Quick Start Edition

Download and use InfoSphere Streams Quick Start Edition in your non-production environment. No time limit, no data limit and experiment with your own use cases.

IBM powers the Smart Grid at CenterPoint Energy

IBM powers the Smart Grid at CenterPoint Energy

CenterPoint Energy powers 2.3M smart meters with IBM InfoSphere Streams

Globe Telecom: Winning customers over

Globe Telecom: Winning customers over

Globe Telecom slashes development time from 6 months to 30 days and improves marketing campaigns 600% using IBM InfoSphere Streams

IBM InfoSphere Streams – a 60-second overview